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One of the best things about a hometown bar like Em’s Place is the attentive service and attention to detail that our staff loves to provide for our patrons. We do it all with the help our extensive bar food and drinks menu and food specials.

Not only do we have everything from domestic beers, to spirits, to wines, but we serve all of our drinks affordably, so you don't have to break the bank to have a good time. In fact, our everyday drink prices are so low that they’re what other bars call “beer deals” and “drink specials,” but are really just them lowering their already-inflated prices.

You won’t get that here at Em’s Place. Just quality service from a friendly staff who knows their stuff. We’re proud to serve the local residents of Port Richmond, Fishtown, and Olde Richmond, and offer them a variety of beverages, like:

Kick-Ass Cocktails

Sometimes, a night out isn't complete without a perfectly made cocktail; and at Em’s place, we’ve got you covered. We offer a wide variety of spirits, and the knowledge to make you just about any and every mixed drink under the sun.

Are you old school, preferring a Manhattan or an old-fashioned? Want to class it up a little bit with a nicely-balanced martini? Maybe you’re in the mood for a margarita or daiquiri? Our bartenders can make something for everyone—sweet, sour, savory, refined, elegant, or whatever else you're in the mood for.

Beer Basics

Perhaps an ice cold, domestic or imported beer is more what you’re after. Don't worry—chances are we have your flavor, brand, or style. Finding yourself an appreciator of ales recently? We carry a rotating selection, including porters, stouts, crisp wheat beers, even Belgian styles and more.

Are you a lover of lager? Our selection includes both light and malty styles, pilsners, and even darker American beers. We also feature IPAs and an assortment of other craft bees for sustained beer sipping enjoyment.

Vino Varieties

For our wine enthusiasts, we offer a huge selection of vino so affordable, you won’t need drink specials or other deals. And we have something for just about everyone's palette. We feature an ever-changing assortment of red wines, like crispy, fruity pinot noirs, full-bodied syrahs, dry merlots, dark cabernets, and many more.

If white wines are more up your alley, then look no further. We offer our patrons a range of whites, from dry pinot grigio and Sauvignon blancs, to sweeter rieslings, and everything in between. If you like wines, chances are we’ve got your grape.

Straight Shootin’

Maybe you’re looking for something that goes down fast, is stronger, and gets the job done? Sounds like shooters! Our expert bartenders have some serious mixology skills, and can craft delicious and inventive shots for you and your crew. Lemon drops, kamikazes, upside-down cakes, mind erasers, and anything else—if it has a name, we can probably make it. We’ll even make custom drinks for our patrons.

Watch Our Eagles Fly During Football Season

At Em’s Place, we’re home to some of the most loyal, die-hard sports fans. That includes all local sports, but especially our beloved Philadelphia Eagles. We feature bar food, drink specials, beer deals, and other food specials during Birds games throughout the entire football season.

Our patrons are always welcome at our local tavern, and they come from far and wide, including the areas of:
• Port Richmond
• Fishtown
• Olde Richmond


For more information about Em’s Place or our food specials, bar menu, and other deals, call us today at 215-425-4936!